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NetworkAnalyst is designed to support integrative analysis of gene expression data through statistical, visual and network-based approaches:

Data inputs: one or more gene/protein lists with optional fold changes; one or more gene expression tables from microarray or RNAseq experiments.

Statistical analysis: for single data - paired comparisons, time series, common reference, and nested comparisons; for integrating multiple data sets - p values, fold changes, effect sizes, vote counts, and direct merge.

Network construction: zero-order, first-order, higher-order interaction network or minimum interaction networks;

Network analysis & visualization: interactive visual exploration - zooming, searching, highlighting, point-and-click; network customization - layout (supporting four automatic layout algorithms, as well as manual drag-and-drop), background color, edge size/shape, node size/color/visibility; topology analysis - hubs, modules, shortest paths; in situ functional enrichment analysis based on pathways or gene ontology; network editing - node deletion, module extraction, and image exporting.

Visual analytics: interactive heatmaps, 3D PCA and chord diagrams for data exploration.

News & Updates

  • Added support for motif (transcriptional factor binding sites, miRNA target sites, etc) enrichment analysis for human and mouse (02/11/2016);
  • Added support for batch selection-and-dragging nodes using mouse (01/05/2016);
  • Enhanced network visualization for retina display (12/21/2015);
  • Enhanced features for heatmap analysis support (10/26/2015);
  • Added EdgeR support for analysis of single RNAseq count data (10/15/2015);
  • Added support for downloading coordinates file in 3D PCA visualization (09/15/2015);
  • Added support for batch effect adjustment using ComBat (07/27/2015);
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Please Cite
  • Xia J, Gill E, and Hancock REW (2015) "NetworkAnalyst for Statistical, Visual and Network-based Approaches for Meta-analysis of Expression Data" Nature Protocols 10, 823–844
  • Xia J, Benner MJ, and Hancock REW (2014) "NetworkAnalyst - integrative approaches for protein–protein interaction network analysis and visual exploration" Nucl. Acids Res. 42 (W1): W167-W174.
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