Please note, due to the rapid evolution and frequent updates of NetworkAnalyst, many screenshot illustrations are outdated. Therefore, we ask that users do not take those steps verbatim. Instead, users should focus on the the analysis steps and the workflow using this tool. Please make sure that you have read our Nature Protocol paper "NetworkAnalyst - integrative approaches for protein–protein interaction network analysis and visual exploration". We also provide step-by-step screenshot tutorials for several common analysis paths, as described below:

  • Tutorial 1: Overview of the main features and design of NetworkAnalyst.
  • Tutorial 2: Network creation from a list of genes, network customization and visual exploration
  • Tutorial 3: How to perform gene expression data analysis, and interactive visual exploration using heatmaps
  • Tutorial 4: How to explore the relationships of multiple gene lists and functional analysis using Chord Diagram
  • Tutorial 5: Descriptions of other miscelinoius features and tips on how to use NetworkAnalyst
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